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Global Towing

A dead battery can leave you stranded and disrupt your day. Global Towing’s Jump Start service is here to ensure you’re never stuck due to a battery issue. We provide prompt, efficient jump start services to get your vehicle running again, no matter where you are or what time it is.

How We Can Help?

Rapid Response

We understand that time is crucial when you’re stranded. Our jump start service is designed for quick deployment, with our technicians arriving at your location as soon as possible to help start your vehicle.

Safe and Effective Jump Starting

Jump starting a car should be handled with care to avoid damage to the vehicle’s electrical system. Our technicians are trained to perform jump starts safely and effectively, using the latest equipment to ensure your car starts without any issues.

Battery and Electrical System Check

After jump starting your vehicle, our technicians can perform a quick check of your battery and electrical system to diagnose any potential issues that could cause further problems. This service aims to provide you with peace of mind and reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns.

Comprehensive Service

If your vehicle requires more than just a jump start, our team is prepared to tow it to the nearest repair facility for further diagnosis and repair. We are here to assist with all your vehicle needs, ensuring a seamless service experience.

Why Choose Global Towing’s Jump Start Service?


Our team is equipped with the necessary skills and tools to handle any jump start situation. We train our technicians to manage different types of vehicles and batteries.


We operate 24/7, including holidays, to ensure that you can access our services whenever you need them.


Your vehicle’s safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure that the jump start process is done without any harm to your vehicle.

Customer Satisfaction

At Global Towing, we are committed to providing excellent service. We aim to get your vehicle started quickly and efficiently, minimizing your downtime and stress.

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Get in Touch

If your vehicle won’t start and you suspect a dead battery, don’t hesitate to call Global Towing at 902-418-9600.

Our Jump Start service is ready to assist you any time of day. You can also contact us through our website or mobile app for speedy assistance. Trust Global Towing to help you get back on the road swiftly and safely.