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Global Towing

Enhancing Your Auto Sales with Efficient Vehicle Logistics

For Dealerships, having a steady and timely supply of new vehicles is crucial. Global Group’s Auto Hauling service for Dealerships is focused on providing reliable and efficient transportation to keep your inventory well-stocked and ready for sale.

Benefits of Choosing Global Group for Dealerships

  • Inventory Flow Management: We assist in managing your inventory flow, aligning our transport services with your sales and stock requirements.
  • Flexible and Responsive Service: Recognizing the dynamic nature of auto sales, we offer adaptable scheduling to meet your dealership’s specific demands.
  • Pristine Condition Delivery: Our commitment to quality ensures each vehicle arrives at your dealership in showroom condition, ready for display or sale.

Things to Consider When Choosing Auto Hauling Services for Dealerships

Experience and Reputation

Look for a company with a solid track record in auto hauling. Experience in handling dealership requirements and a reputation for reliability and professionalism are crucial.

Vehicle Safety and Care

Ensure the service provider has stringent safety measures in place. This includes secure loading and unloading practices, as well as proper securing of vehicles during transit to prevent damage.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

Confirm that the auto hauler has comprehensive insurance coverage. This protects your vehicles against potential damages or accidents during transportation.

Fleet Quality and Maintenance

The condition of the hauling fleet is important. Well-maintained, modern transporters reduce the risk of delays due to mechanical failures.

Service Flexibility

The ability to adapt to fluctuating inventory needs and provide services like expedited shipping, varied load capacities, and specific delivery schedules can be vital for dealership operations.


While cost shouldn’t be the only determining factor, competitive pricing that aligns with the quality

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For the transportation of heavy-duty or oversized items, Global Group’s service is your dependable choice. Contact us to learn how we can support your  requirements with our specialized expert service.