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Global Towing

Your Solution for Heavy-Duty and Oversized Transport

Global Group’s Low Boy Trailer service excels in moving heavy and large-scale equipment safely and efficiently. This service is especially suited for transporting heavy machinery or any oversized items that require a low center of gravity.

Key Features of Our Low Boy Trailer Service:

Heavy Load Capacity

Our low boy trailers are built to handle extremely heavy loads, making them perfect for moving large equipment like bulldozers, cranes, and more.

Accommodating Oversized Dimensions

The unique design of these trailers is ideal for oversized items that exceed standard dimensions.

Skilled Handling

Our team’s expertise in loading and unloading heavy and oversized items ensures your cargo is in safe hands.

Safety and Regulation Compliance

We strictly adhere to safety protocols and transportation regulations, guaranteeing a lawful and secure transit of your heavy cargo.

Global Group's Step Deck Service

Tailor-Made for High and Voluminous Loads

Our Step Deck service is uniquely engineered to handle loads that are too tall for conventional trailers. This service is an ideal choice for transporting goods that require additional vertical space.

Our Step Deck Service

  • Ideal for High Loads: The design of our step deck trailers makes them perfect for cargo that needs extra height clearance.
  • Diverse Cargo Capability: From industrial equipment to oversized freight, our trailers are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of cargo types.
  • Commitment to Cargo Safety: We take every precaution to secure and protect your cargo, ensuring it arrives in the same condition it was loaded.
  • Broad Service Area: Our step deck transportation is available for both short and long-distance routes, offering flexibility and reliability for your shipping needs.

Inquire About Our Trailer Services

For the transportation of heavy-duty or oversized items, Global Group’s service is your dependable choice. Contact us to learn how we can support your heavy hauling requirements with our specialized trailers and expert service.