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Global Towing

Handling a semi-truck requires expertise and the right equipment. At Global Group, we specialize in heavy duty towing services for semi-trucks, providing reliable and safe towing solutions. Whether you’re dealing with a breakdown, an accident, or need to transport your vehicle for repairs or relocation, our team is equipped to manage your needs efficiently.

How We Can Help?

Specialized Towing Equipment in Dartmouth

Our fleet includes heavy-duty tow trucks equipped with state-of-the-art technology and capabilities designed specifically for towing semi-trucks and other large vehicles. We can handle vehicles of all sizes and weights, ensuring safe and secure towing no matter the circumstances.

Experienced and Trained Technicians

Our operators are highly trained in the complexities of heavy-duty towing, from hooking up a semi-truck safely to navigating transport through busy highways and city streets. Their training and experience are critical in providing a service that minimizes further damage to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Service Offering in Dartmouth

We offer a wide range of heavy-duty towing services, including:

  1. Accident Recovery: Quick response and efficient handling of vehicles involved in accidents.
  2. Breakdown Towing: Assistance for mechanical failures or electrical issues that leave you stranded.
  3. Load Shifts and Transfers: Solutions for cargo that needs re-balancing or transferring to another carrier.
  4. Winch-Outs: Assistance for trucks stuck in mud, snow, or ditches.

24/7 Availability

We understand that semi-truck drivers are on the road at all hours, and issues can arise day or night. Our heavy-duty towing services are available 24/7, ensuring that we’re always ready to respond when you need us most.

Why Choose Global Group’s Heavy Duty Towing Services in Dartmouth?


We pride ourselves on our ability to handle any towing challenge, backed by a fleet of advanced towing vehicles and a team of skilled professionals.

Safety Focus

Every towing operation prioritizes the safety of your vehicle and our staff. We adhere to strict safety standards to ensure a seamless towing experience.

Efficient and Timely Service

We respond promptly to your call and aim to complete each towing operation as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing downtime and helping you keep to your schedule.

Transparent Communication

We maintain open and clear communication throughout the service process, providing updates and explanations so you’re always informed.

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Get in Touch

For heavy-duty towing needs, particularly for semi-trucks in Dartmouth, call Global Towing at 902-418-9600.

Our team is ready to provide top-tier service to ensure your vehicle is towed safely and efficiently. You can also reach us through our website or mobile app for immediate assistance. Trust Global Towing for all your heavy-duty towing requirements.